Top 10 Unique Attractions In The city of london clock Tower

Top 10 Unique Attractions In The city of london clock Tower

London is a city that never sleeps. Home to over 8 million people, London’s wide range of attractions and tourist hotspots have something for everyone. From the Big Ben clock tower to the London Eye, Londoners and tourists alike can enjoy a visit to a world famous attraction near them. The following list includes ten of the most unique attractions in the city of London from the eclectic to the peculiar.

 1.Big Ben – London’s famous clock tower

The clock tower, also known as Big Ben or the Elizabeth Tower. Is one of the most iconic buildings in London. It is located near the Houses of Parliament and stands at 301 feet tall. The tower is name after its largest bell, which weighs 13.7 tons and has a diameter of 4 feet (1.2 m). This famous landmark has served as a symbol for London for over 150 years and has fallen into disrepair due to lack of care.

2.The London Eye

The most popular tourist attraction in London, the London Eye has been around for 20 years. At 443 feet high, with 2,500 square meters of floor space, this giant ferris wheel is the largest one in Europe. The London Eye offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings, including Canary Wharf, Wembley Stadium, Buckingham Palace, and Parliament.

3.Westminster Abbey in London

The Westminster Abbey is a religious and cultural complex that serves as the traditional royal church of the Kingdom of England. Located just to the northwest of the Palace of Westminster, it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has been an important British institution for over nine centuries. The Abbey presently sits at the heart of one of London’s most notable areas for tourism and culture. With many visitors travelling from across the globe to view its vast collection of architecture, memorials and tombs.

4.Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London is a building of historical and cultural significance. The palace was built in 1703 and is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The palace has been continually inhabited by monarchs of one form or another since George III of England acquired it from Buckingham House’s residents in 1761. After the Queen’s reign, it will become an open public space for tours or other uses.

5.Tower Bridge in London

Every day, thousands of people flock to London to visit one of the city’s most famous landmarks: Tower Bridge. The bridge stands 187 feet above the Thames River and spans 1,200 feet across. In 1894, Tower Bridge is open to pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic which allowed the city’s East End to be joined with the West. The bridge was designed by a committee that included Horace Jones and John Wolfe-Barry.

6.St. Paul’s Cathedral

The size and grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England was see from nearly every angle. The towering stone columns lining the exterior house an immense hall that once housed a congregation of 2,200 people, and the towering dome is visible throughout the city. The building is located in Paternoster Square and is home to one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

7.The Tower of London

The Tower of London is located in the heart of the city and was a royal residence for a very long time. Occupied by royalty for centuries, this castle has an abundance of history, some good and some bad. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London. The Tower of London is steeped in so much history from it being used as a royal residence to being a place where prisoners were tortured during medieval times.

 8.Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a central point for London since it was built in 1819. This famous landmark is a vibrant and bustling place that gets going early in the morning. Throughout the day, there are many attractions that keep people coming back to see what’s new and have a good time. In the evening, it is lit up by neon lights and continues to be a great place for people watching.

9.The Shard

The Shard, which is complete in 2012, is the tallest building in the European Union and is located in London. It extends high enough to be seen from most of Greater London. The Shard offers residential units, offices, restaurants, and a hotel. The Shard has many attractions including an observatory on the 72nd floor with views of London, the Thames River, and beyond. Its own luxury cinema; and three signature restaurants that specialize in French cuisine.

10.Trafalgar Square

London is a city that is known for its iconic landmarks, including the Palace of Westminster. The Tower of London. Another landmark that can often see in pictures taken from across London is Trafalgar Square. Located near where the River Thames meets the North Sea. Trafalgar Square has been one of the capital’s busiest areas since it was first built at the end of 18th century.

last thought

In conclusion, the city of London is a place where one would be able to find unique attractions and experiences. From Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, to the Tower of London and the British Museum. There is never a dull moment in this bustling metropolis.

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