Top 10 Turmoils of Pakistan’s drama industry

Top 10 Turmoils of Pakistan’s drama industry

The Pakistani drama industry has seen many turmoils in the past few years. Some of these turmoils are attributed to the ineffectiveness of the government in solving certain issues in time, while others are due to external factors, such as political crisis or natural disasters. Here are 10 turmoils that have affected this industry in recent years.The Bollywood effect Pakistani dramas are now dominating the TV industry, with their popularity increasing every day. This is partly due to the Bollywood effect, the effect that Indian films have in Pakistan.

1.Mere Paas Tum Ho

For years, the Pakistani drama industry has thrived in an environment of extreme censorship, but recent events have led many to worry about its future.  A ban on Indian dramas led to an increase in productions of Pakistani dramas. Which is now leading to decreased quality due to over-saturation. The Indian ban is also having a negative effect on actors and actresses by cutting them off from job opportunities outside of Pakistan.

2.Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida

Zeshan Zaidi’s work has been a favorite of Pakistan’s drama industry for more than two decades. Zaidi is an actor with the ability to put his audience into his characters shoes. The Pakistani drama industry has been in turmoil for quite some time with actors refusing to do the scenes, writers refusing to write scripts, and directors refusing to shoot scenes.


Pakistan’s drama industry has become notorious for its widespread corruption, nepotism, and acceptance of violence. From 2014-2017, the Pakistani Parliament had attempted to pass legislation banning the sale of television sets to individuals. Islah Abdur Rahman is a female drama producer who has grown tired of the greed that plagues Pakistan’s entertainment industry.


In a country where actors cannot work freely without the fear of being accused of blasphemy, it is no wonder that Pakistan’s drama industry has been rapidly deteriorating. In a recent article from, President of the Islamabad Association of Theatre Practitioners, Murtaza Zafar reveals how the “chronic state of emergency and political instability” has fueled an unprecedented level of chaos among Pakistan’s already fragile and struggling artists.


Pakistan’s drama industry is in turmoil. This is not what anyone expected. Nobody would have guessed that the man who has built up the Pakistani drama industry over the last 25 years was abruptly kicked out of his own company. Turning Pakistan’s largest TV production company into a family-owned business.

The Pakistani drama industry is in turmoil after its founder. Waheed Murad is forced to step down as CEO of Murad Productions on Monday 24th September 2017.


Muhsin Jalan is the owner of the Mimaal Theatre, one of the largest theaters in Pakistan. The theater was originally founded to educate people about drama, but nowadays it is mainly used for staging various national and international productions. Jalan has made it his mission to try and resurrect the Pakistani drama industry.


Pakistan’s culture makes it difficult for women to participate in the film and drama industry. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Drama Industry is struggling financially and artistically. The result? Weak storylines, poor acting, and set designs that look more like cardboard than an elaborate palace.

8.Thora Sa Haq

The Pakistani Drama industry is experiencing a downturn more severe than any other time in its history. The past few years was more drama series being cancele than ever befor. With half of all dramas airing on television being create is the same production in company. These turmoils are affecting the livelihoods of actors, directors, scriptwriters and crew members who are finding themselves without work.


Pakistan has a history of producing some of the world’s most influential, talented actors and actresses. There are many who have made their mark on the Indian film industry as well. Ehd-E-Wafa is just one of many Pakistani dramas that have been immensely successful in recent years.

The production company behind Ehd-E-Wafa is Jang Group, which has long established itself as one of Pakistan’s most popular television channels.


Creating a balance in the world of Pakistani dramas is no easy task. While this country has been building its film industry for decades, they have not had much success when it comes to televised dramas. The most popular dramas on air are usually from India, Pakistan’s neighboring nation. Even though Indian dramas might be more commonly watch is among the population. There is a great deal of potential for creating more compelling dramas here in Pakistan. However many challenge must be for overcom in order for this to happen.

last thought

In conclusion, this article has surveyed the 10 most prominent turmoils of Pakistan’s drama industry, namely the censorship of content, lack of government support for arts and culture, poor wages paid to artists, plagiarism, language barriers for international productions, lack of recognition for actors and directors, low viewership outside Pakistan.

To combat these issues on a national level, there needs to be more support from the government in the form of funding for TV dramas as well as other arts and culture.

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